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Internet of Food Things Network Plus – mini conference

Date: Tuesday 29th September 2020

Venue: online only

Access: contact and request an invitation

This event is an opportunity for the members of the IoFT Network to come together, share experiences on various projects, reflect on what has been achieved, and start to make plans for the future. The Network is due to finish on the 13th May 2021 but there is clearly much more to be done in taking forward digitalisation of the food production supply chain.

Time  Item 
08:30  Registration 
09:00  Welcome 
09:05  Introduction: digitalising the food production system 


09:30  Projects 1: 

  • Nottingham (Nicholas Watson, University of Nottingham) 
  • Stirling (Rachel Norman, University of Stirling, University of Glasgow) 
  • Aberdeen (Peter Edwards, University of Aberdeen) 
10:30  Coffee 
11:00  Working groups - background: introduced by Steve Brewer
11:05  Ethics (Samantha Kanza, Sam Munday, University of Southampton)
11:40  Semantics (Jessica Enright, 
12:15  New business models (Rebecca Mitchell, University of Exeter)
12:25  Sandpit award: Gareth Roberts (Regather), Oliver Smith (University of Sheffield)
12:45  Lunch 
13:45  Future opportunities and plans: Simon 
14:15  Projects 2: 

  • Aberdeen (Paul Mayfield) 
  • Hull (Amar Ramudhin) 
  • Exeter (Miying Yang) 
15:15  Coffee 
15:45  Breakout groups led by Co-Is 
16:30  Report back and plenary discussion 
17:30  Summing up: Simon Pearson
17:45  ends 

We look forward to Network members and others joining us. If you wish to sign up for the Network, instructions are here:

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